Luahan Dato’ Lee Chong Wei Buat Malaysia.

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Hi all, Salam sejahtera semua.

Recently I have not frequented the social media as often as I used to. Sebab sakit hati I baca content that pops up. Friends and fans shooting vulgarities at each other, all due to some very petty issues. It is not the Malaysia I fought for.

When I met Lin Dan during the 2006 Malaysian Open final, I thought I would lose when I trailed at 13-20. It was impossible. Against the most talented man with a 7 point match point deficit, I was already thinking about what to eat for dinner. 

I was tired and dejected. I looked up to the crowd. Their vociferous support never wavered. Then I saw a Malay girl, maybe around 8ish years old putting both hands together with her eyes closed. She was praying for me.

The other side of the stadium I saw an Indian gal, crying. I dunno if she crying for me, but I assumed she was. 

Then another corner, my friend’s Son; a ten year old Chinese boy was shouting my name so loud that the umpire had to gaze that corner hinting him to lower down his voice. 

I knew I couldn’t give up. The whole Malaysia prayed for me to win. A Malaysia consisting of kawan, ah ne, and Heng Dai. A colourful Malaysia. A Malaysia where I eat Roti Canai for breakfast, Nasi Lemak for lunch and Char Koey Tiao for dinner. 

We Malaysians are better than these, my friends. 

5 years ago, there was a hilarious report from a someone who said Malaysian Chinese would support Lin Dan it was a Lin Dan- Misbun fight. First and foremost, who are u to say these when faith and loyalty shouldn’t be your forte . Second of all, as a Malaysian who know these two players, of course I support Misbun. Misbun is my countryman, Lin Dan is not. Misbun won, my country happy, everyone happy, maybe got cuti. If Lin Dan won, ape gua dapat?

We Malaysians lepak sekali, mamak sekali, look after one another tak kira kaum. We cheer for our country Malaysia. Are we going to stop all these because of one random voice from the building? 

Don’t let petty issues like Dong Zong Nor Khat tear us apart,
Don’t let minor people spreading racial hate beat us,
Don’t let insentive people pull our nose out of our sanity,
Don’t let the anasir jahat (from the Chinese , Indians and Malays) defeat our country, our people. 

Malaysians are much much bigger than these. Tunjukkan kita jauh lagi teguh dari semua nonsense ini. Spread love not hate! 

I want my sons and grandchildren to have their Malay and Indian friends. I want them to feel safe in Malaysia. I want them to fight for the flag, like how I did for u guys in the last decade. 

When Malaysia won the Thomas Cup in 1992, Punch Gunalan was the team manager, Razif was the Captain, Rashid was the most talented, Kok Keong was the fighter and Beng Kiang delivered the winning smash. It was a beautiful Malaysia, multiracial. Don’t kill it . 

Happy birthday soon, Tanah tumpahnya darah ku. Kesetiaan kepada Raja dan Negara.

Kredit: Official FB Lee Chong Wee

Sengaja kami copy & paste di sini pada hari ini. Diharap semua rakya Malaysia membacanya dan menghayatinya bukan hanya pada Hari Merdeka edisi kali ini, tetapi setiap masa bermula saat ini.

Sayangi Malaysia..


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